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i travel a lot, doing professional submissive sessions and modeling.  That i know that The Beacon Hotel in Washington DC and The Tovar Hotel in the Grand Canyon give one the same brand of soap speaks volumes.

i have plans this year to create some images to post here.  Sometimes it is good to step back from making money to breathe and create art again.  i'm excited that this energy is flowing again.

My relationship with my family is good.  My health is excellent, i'm working and working out.

i have a truly balanced life, balanced plan of activities this year.  i am blessed.

i love my life.



United States
"Somethings change and Somethings remain the same."

Regarding me, submissann:

The truth about me is: my mind is limitless in its thinking. my divine atom is eternal. i change my life by changing my mind. If i will it, it is no dream. There are no wrinkles upon my soul. This is it, let the good times roll. Yes, i dare to live the life i imagine and invite you to do the same.

My life:

i try very hard each day to be the best person i can be. Intelligence, Loyalty, Integrity, Ethical behavior, Professionalism, open honest communication, Wit & humor & cleverness are important to me.

i am an intelligent, creative and physically active woman. My flower box is well planted and satisfying. It is my belief that you create your own magic and prosperity. i love life and my life.

i am one of the Hermione girls that sat next to you in school. Given enough time we look as beautiful on the outside as we always were on the inside.

i have a deep fascination for Pirates.

Official Bio:

Born 24 September 1955. Ann grew up in the San Francisco area. She was a flutist and an art composer. Ann graduated with a Double Major in flute performance and music composition from both University of Redlands (B.M.) and Mill's College (M. A.) She's a mother of two (a boy and girl), a grandmother of three (a boy and 2 girls) and is proud of them all. Ann owned a small business doing upgrade custom children's parties in Los Angeles while she raised her children. Since November 2005, she has a porn career under the name of "robin pachino". She offers her submissive service via web cam on as "submissann". She has and continues to do erotic art, bdsm and fetish modeling for some of the world's best photographer's. Ann is a professional submissive. submissann was trained by PonyMistress Rebecca, was given her pony name, Beauty, by her. They share the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 leather title. She considers herself to be truly blessed to have excellent health, be able to hike and travel, take in the beauty of this earth, have positive supportive friends/family she enjoys being with and is inspired by, and is free to create, to be pervy, sexy, kinky and deviant.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Personal Quote: When u talk that way,Sin,it makes me want2take u bhind the7-11&slam fuck u up against the dumpst

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NaKhym Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Your work is beautiful. I'm quite tempted to fav your entire gallery and be done with it. The series with the mirror always stops me when ever I see it, and Rolling Wardrobe hits me someplace quite deep. Saying "keep up the good work" doesn't seem to quite cut it... But you know what I mean. :ahoy:
UncleM Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
You truly do some very creative work and thank you for sharing. I would absolutely love to work with you some day in a collaborative effort.
Markotxe Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
nice gallery
technicalwhore Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
i saw your work at the Seattle erotic art fest - impressive and dramatic. thank you for sharing, i look forward to more,
respectfully sumbitted,
technicalwhore Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
please excuse the spelling error...i do know better
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